Improving our sleep is the single most effective thing that we can do to reset our health and recharge our bodies. And yet how many of us feel that we don’t have enough time to sleep for 7-9 hours? Rather than stealing time from us, getting more sleep can actually make us more productive and healthy! Did you know that poor sleep quality and short duration correlates with:

  1. higher BMI = obesity (2x increased risk)
  2. high blood pressure
  3. type II diabetes
  4. higher stress levels and risk of mental health problems (depression, PTSD, SAD, premenstrual syndrome etc.)
  5. weakened immune response (reduced ability to fight off infections and to prevent cancer)

But it is not all bad news, there is so much YOU can do to improve your sleep. Please get in touch for simple tips to improve your sleep, so you could start applying them today for a healthier you. References: *Ferrie et al. A prospective study of change in sleep duration: associations with mortality in the Whitehall II cohort. 2007. Sleep. *