If your life is turned upside down with menopause… BUT you cannot or are not safe to have HRT (hormone replacement therapy), I will help you go from confused and frustrated to feeling like yourself again.

In 5 effective steps you will

Discover effective lifestyle strategies that make the biggest difference

Learn about right nutrition to support your hormones and reduce your symptoms

Regain your sense of balance and harmony

Watch this video workshop so you can learn effective lifestyle tools to help your symptoms and get your life back!

Hi, I’m Dr. Olga, an experienced GP and a fully certified doctor in Lifestyle Medicine, specialising in menopause care.

When I noticed my first menopause symptoms, just like you, I was looking for solutions…

I soon realised that HRT is not the only option.

There is a lot more we can do to help our symptoms.

With a holistic approach, you will be empowered to navigate your menopause journey, so you don’t just “deal with it”, but thrive through menopause!

I believe, many women are left confused and frustrated. Are we expected just “to get on with it…”? You don’t have to accept the unacceptable.

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You’ll discover:

1. What and when to eat to support your hormones

2. Best type of movement and exercise to reduce your symptoms

3. Effective sleep strategies to get you much needed rest

4. How to reduce your toxic load and why it is important in menopause

5. The effect of chronic stress on your hormones and how best to address it

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My effective 5 step program “Menopause with (Life) Style™️” will you allow you to intentionally write your next chapter – happier, sexier and more fulfilled than ever before.

The triple AAA approach to

ASSESS the lifestyle factors that might be contributing to your menopausal symptoms, and find your “missing link” stopping you from getting your life back

ADDRESS those “blank spots” and work on your “how” to improve them (nutrition, sleep, movement, detox, stress)

ACHIEVE the life you want by implementing the changes and work on the consistency so that those habits will support you for life.

You will find solutions for your symptoms, and your menopause will be less about “dealing with it” and more about “thriving through it”!

I will cut through the noise and you will only learn well tested and trusted actionable insights.

No expensive tests. No medication. No side-effects (apart from the nice ones, like a desired healthy body weight… 😊)

Let’s do it with (Life)Style! Are you ready?

Get your weekly tips on Menopause with (Life) Style™️ here