Hi, my name is Dr. Olga

I’m an NHS GP and certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician. I also hold a PhD in Autoimmune Diseases and Immunity and have extensive knowledge about the link between healthy lifestyles and disease reversal.

From my science and my medical background, I bring a pragmatic evidence-based approach to treatment. You’ll be surprised to find that what I am going to help you achieve, has always been possible, but you just didn’t know it or allow yourself the time or opportunity for it to happen.

Give yourself that time and opportunity now!

I’m passionate about helping people lead healthier, happier lives.

My friends and colleagues describe me as friendly, down-to-earth and a great motivator. I became a doctor because I like helping people and I love being a GP.

However, after years of helping chronic disease patients using conventional medicine, I know that medication and surgery alone are not the whole solution.

My desire to help my patients in achieving better health led me to the practice of Lifestyle Medicine. Here I have confirmed my belief that we can do so much more for our patients through changes in lifestyle, in conjunction with conventional medicine.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my husband and our three boys. As a working mum, I appreciate what a struggle it can be to find time for self-care. Working with me has resulted in my clients spending more quality time with family, reducing fatigue, wearing the clothes they love, enjoying better relationships and removing chronic stress.