My week was a bit of a mixed bag.


Good news first – I was lucky enough to be away with my family and enjoyed much needed rest and re-charge…


Now the bad news –  on return home when driving back on the motorway from the airport, we smelt a burning tire and our car unexpectedly developed a rattle… so much so that we had to pull over on the hard shoulder and spent the next 2 hours waiting for the roadside assistance.


The suspension was gone and the car was not drivable!

Not a fun ending to a holiday 😞.


So, while sitting on the side of the motorway… I was thinking, if and how that situation could have been prevented.


Car owners know that annual MOTs are a must and required every year for every car on the road, to make sure our cars are safe and legal to drive (by the way, our car had passed its MOT only 6 months ago).


But do we treat ourselves like our cars to regular health checks?

Or even regular lifestyle checks?


Here are three reasons why a lifestyle check is important, especially in menopause:


✅ Hormonal Balance and Symptom Management:

  • Lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, and dealing with stress, can influence your hormones and alleviate that decline in oestrogen levels.


✅ Bone Health and Weight Management:

  • Menopause brings a higher risk of bone loss and osteoporosis due to decreased estrogen levels. If you know what exercises will help you best to address this, it will help not only your bones but also your weight.


✅ Heart Health:

  • Risk of heart disease goes up, partly due to hormonal changes. But your diet, exercise (or lack of it), alcohol and smoking play a huge role in this.


So, our car was finally towed to the nearest garage and thankfully fixed the following day.


And that got me thinking…


Have you ever had a lifestyle check?


When was your last lifestyle MOT?


Remember, small changes lead to big results! 😃