If you’ve been feeling tired lately…

And wondering why, there may be many reasons for that.

Well… for me, it’s my SLEEP.

And in my case, the problem is

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.

Revenge …what? 🤔 Let me explain 😃.


When your day is NOT your own, and you’ve been pulled in different directions all day long, at work and at home, parenting, juggling work, life admin etc. etc. etc…

When that day is coming to an end, and the kids are finally in bed, the house chores are done and work emails calmed down, at 9pm at night you can finally have some ME time…

And what do you do? You Procrastinate Your Bedtime.


You feel like a rebellious teenager.


“I’m not going to bed yet”!


You feel that you DESERVE a little bit of “me” time now!


You end up scrolling the news, the social media, maybe buying a few things off Amazon (and regretting it later). Even if you KNOW you should go to bed early!


So you stay up late and you make bad choices, and in the end, your sleep suffers.

And over time, you feel more and more tired.


Sounds familiar?


So, if that is YOU, please ask yourself

“What do you do 2 hrs before your bed time?”


And if I guessed it right, you probably know what to do…😊


But it’s not just about KNOWING it.

It’s about DOING it.

So, what can you DO tonight?

📱✋Limit your screen time 2 hrs before bed time.


Put your phone in the bedside drawer, or better yet, leave it outside your bedroom.

If you start with this one small change TODAY, give yourself a week and you will notice that by the weekend you will FEEL BETTER.

It’s the small changes making long lasting habits over time.


Will you do it tonight? (I certainly will, it’s a promise I made to myself).