Oestro… what?!

It’s ok… you are not alone 😊.

I only learned about it a few years ago… 🙈

If you’ve been following my letters, you might know about your *microbiome*! 👍🏻😄

Oestrobolome = a group of 60 healthy gut bacteria that are especially important for your hormones especially in menopause.

When those bacteria are thriving, your hormones will thrive! 👍🏻😄

They do 2 things:

✅ break down toxic oestrogen

✅ build up and activate good oestrogen
When those bacteria are out of balance, you might experience

😔 bloating and tummy upset

😌 hot flushes

😌 low libido

😔heavy or irregular periods

😔tender or swollen breasts


😌 weight gain


Sounds familiar?

How can you nurture those bacteria? 🤔

👇🏻By adding these into your diet 👇🏻

🥦 broccoli
🥕 carrots

☕organic coffee
🫛 legumes (beans, peas and peanuts)
🥣 organic miso soup, tofu, soya milk and other soya products


All those foods are rich in natural *phytoestrogens* that

support your oestrobolome! 😊🙏🏻

What about men? 🤔
Yes! Healthy gut bacteria 🦠 in men also help metabolise testosterone 😊.

Which of those foods would you go for today? 🤩

Healthy weekend wishes,

Olga x