When it comes to women, hormones are everything.
There are 2 main hormones we need to know about – oestrogen and progesterone.

And guess what?

The foods you are eating will either help you ✅ build your hormones or 🚫deplete them.


To build your hormones:

1. Move away from

🚫refined highly processed carbs (cakes and biscuits, but also too much bread and white pasta)…

🚫“fake” foods – anything containing MSG, artificial food colouring, E-numbers, artificial sweeteners, sodium nitrite (used in cured meat), trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oils, margarine).

**My secret tip  – read the list of the ingredients on the back of the packet.

Cannot even pronounce it? Then it should not be eaten!!!

🚫consider reducing dairy

Lactose intolerance is common and often results in bloating and indigestion. But there are other pro-inflammatory proteins, hormones and growth factors in cow’s milk you might want to avoid.


2. ✅Go Plant Heavy 🌱– aim for 60% or more of diet to be based on plants as those are rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants, which help you balance your hormones.

3. ✅choose Healthy Fats.
Yes, Fats – 🌰🥜nuts, 🥑avocado, pumpkin- and linseeds, extra-virgin olive oil) – those are rich in omega 3 and you will need them to build you oestrogen.

4. ✅go for Root Veggies and Squashes 🥕🍠🎃 – carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and butternut squash – to build your progesterone.

5. ✅Fruit and Berries 🍎 🍑🍊🥭🫐(even from frozen) will help you build your hormones.

Oranges 🍊are in season now, and tropical fruits like oranges, mangos and pineapple, are especially good for your progesterone.


Which ONE of those tips will you start with TODAY?


Next week, we will talk about how to eat for your cycle.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a cycle…I’ve got great tips for you too! 😀👍