I know it might sound a bit ridiculous for some…😀


The health benefits of “silent walking”…

You mighty roll your eyes…

What else would they come up with next? 🙄

But this is exactly what I struggle with…
👉🏻Going for a walk with NO gadgets!


No podcast to listen to, no friend to phone, no email, text or whatsapp to check on…

So I did it this week on my local woodland path… and it’s b….y hard!!!😂


The urge to check my phone…


So instead I tried to focus on finding 5 new things on my usual “boring” walk and here are my 5 😊:

👉🏻the sky was amazing blue colour (always a bonus in Scotland)

👉🏻the leaves are turning beautiful autumn colours

👉🏻the air smelled so fresh!

👉🏻the wind was invigorating

👉🏻I even saw a rainbow! 🌈


And the benefits of this walk were

✅ re-charged

✅ less stressed

✅ clear head


Can you try to notice 5 new things on your next silent walk? 😉