Do you often wake up in the morning feeling OVERWHELMED with all the stuff you need to do that day? 😮‍💨

You jump out of bed, woken up by your alarm ⏰.

Jolted and rushing about it? 😬

Let me guess? The first thing you do is check to your phone…

You feel EXHAUSTED and desperately needing that coffee to get your going?☕

And that is before the day has even started? 😫


Life gets even more complicated with family, kids and a job…

What if you got up just 10 min earlier and try this?


The acronym T.I.M.E. that I learnt from Jay Shetty, a lifestyle expert and a former monk, to help you create space in the morning.

Space for yourself.


T – think of one thing you are Thankful for today. Even if it is something simple, like having roof over your head.

Dont check your phone yet!

I – what is your Intention for today? Would you like our day to be positive and productive?

M – Mediate, even if it sitting down for 1 min with a cup of tea, reflecting on your thoughts, it may be your meditation

E – Exercise. You don’t have to go running, unless of course you feel like it! 😜 But even a gentle 1 min stretch might just do the trick for you, making you feel more RELAXED and more IN CONTROL of the day ahead of you.


And that feeling will carry you through the day.

Will you give it a go tomorrow? 😉