I get asked this question A LOT…..😄


My question to YOU would be…


🦠have you heard of MICROBIOME?

All the amazing microorganisms living IN and ON you – your skin, your gut, your mouth and every surface of your body!


They make incredible chemicals that


✅make us happy (producing
serotonin and GABA – a natural painkiller)


✅support our immune system


✅regulate blood sugar


✅speed up metabolism and maintain healthy weight

🤔 🦠How can we nurture those bacteria? 🦠🤔

We can

✋🏻 stop destroying them and


👍🏻start respecting them…


🛑are you using anti-bacterial wipes and soaps?


🛑do you brush your teeth with antibacterial toothpaste or use antibacterial mouth wash?


🛑are you eating meats containing antibiotics?


🛑can you avoid taking antibiotics?


🛑are you eating “fake foods” (MSG, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, E-numbers, food additives and hydrogenated oils)?


Once you’ve stopped destroying them…


✅😋 start feeding them by eating

REAL FOODS – unprocessed fruit, veg, legumes, pulses, nuts and seeds…🍎🥦🍑🍇🍒🍊🍌🫛


Oh, and the fermented foods…😊

More on this in my future letters 👀.

What is the one thing you will do today to nourish your microbiome?

🦠Healthy wishes🦠,