Have you heard of intermittent fasting?

Or micro-fasting?

Or time-restricted eating?


Before you say “No thanks Olga, it is not for me”, just hear me out 🙂.

You might want to know that fasting is

👍 NOT a fad diet

👍 one of the amazing tools in your body’s ability to HEAL…


Fasting can:

✅ reduce chronic inflammation – it might improve your joint pain in perimenopause

✅ help you lose weight by promoting fat loss, especially visceral fat, which is linked to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.


✅ improve your insulin resistance and reduce your risk of type II diabetes.

✅ reduce your cancer risk by stimulating autophagy, the process of removing the damaged cells in your body and stimulating cell repair.

✅ improve your gut microbiome by stimulating grown of beneficial bacteria in your gut during food-free periods.

✅ balance your hormones – through improved gut microbiome and better re-cycling of your sex hormones.

Does it mean you have to starve yourself?


Not at all! 😀


But here are some tips:


👉 Start slowly with MICROFASTING – 12 hrs of food-free periods.

Remember, you are doing it already in your sleep 😴 😉.


If your last meal is at 8pm, leave till 8am to have your breakfast (which literally means “break the fast”).


Once you are comfortable with 12 hrs, extend that food-free time by half an hour every week till you find that sweet spot.

You might want to skip that late night snack, have your dinner a bit earlier or move that breakfast back an hour…

👉Listen to your body and notice the changes…

Remember, we are all different. Doesn’t feel right? Don’t do it.


👉 If you’re pre- or perimenopausal and still having regular periods,

fasting ideally should be done in the first half of your cycle and should be avoided the week before your period is due.

This is when you are building progesterone and your body needs healthy carbs and calories (more on this later).


👉 hydrate well 💧 and go for a good balance diet 🥗 when you are in your eating window.

In general, microfasting is fairy safe and benefits just about everyone, and it is completely free!

Will you give it a go?

Have you tried it already?

What positive changes have you noticed?

PS fasting should not be done

  • if you are pregnant
  • have type 1 diabetes
  • have a history of disordered eating