Do you often get dry mouth, dry skin, have headaches, lethargy, and brain fog?

We tend to reach for skin lotion, ibuprofen, sugar, and caffeine instead of a tall glass of H₂0💧.

💧chronic low-grade dehydration can increase cardiovascular and digestive problems, lead to poor kidney function, painful kidney stones, bladder or urinary tract infections, and even contribute to colon and bladder cancer

💧we are 60% water! 🙂

💧how much water should you drink? Health experts recommend 8 glasses of water a day

💧 the benefits are huge – healthier looking skin, better brain function, less headaches, healthier gut and a healthier you!

💧stick to still water, or tea- or herb-infused water, add a squeeze of lemon or lime, herbal teas

💧avoid fizzy drinks, soda, coffee, bottled juice and alcohol – they tend to dehydrate you and contain other components that are not so great for your health

💧diluting juice often contains artificial sweeteners, which disrupt our healthy gut flora, so it is best to be avoided

💧eat hydrating foods – watermelon 🍉, cellery, strawberries 🍓, peaches 🍑, grapes 🍇 and cucumber – those are also a great source of fiber

💧and most importantly, have fun! 🙂